Policy: Climate Action

At Wind Birds, we are devoted to supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action. We acknowledge the urgency of combating climate change and its impacts, and we strive to do our part in this global effort.

Our commitments include:

  1. Net-zero emissions across the entire lifecycle (2004-2022) of the company.
  2. Climate positive operations from 2023.
  3. Incorporating climate considerations into our decision-making and risk management processes.
  4. Educating our clients about climate change and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Strategic Action Plan: Climate Action

Objective 1: Reduce Our Carbon Footprint


  1. Implement a comprehensive carbon management plan that includes measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions.
  2. Invest in energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy sources.
  3. Promote low-carbon travel options as part of our tour offerings.

Objective 2: Incorporate Climate Considerations into Decision-Making


  1. Conduct climate risk assessments as part of our strategic planning and risk management processes.
  2. Develop and implement a climate adaptation plan to ensure our resilience in the face of climate change impacts.
  3. Advocate for climate-friendly policies in the tourism sector at the local and national level.

Objective 3: Educate Clients About Climate Change


  1. Include information about climate change in our tour materials and briefings.
  2. Develop and promote tourism packages that raise awareness about climate change and its impacts on wildlife and ecosystems.
  3. Organize events and activities that educate clients about climate change and the importance of sustainable tourism.

Communication Plan: Climate Action

Objective: Effectively communicate our commitment to Climate Action to all stakeholders.


  1. Regularly update our website and social media channels with our initiatives towards climate action.
  2. Organize events and webinars to discuss our commitment to this goal and share our progress.
  3. Incorporate information on our commitment to climate action in our promotional materials.
  4. Regularly engage with our employees, customers, and partners about our climate action initiatives.

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