Policy: Gender Equality

The commitment of Wind Birds to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5 is reflected in our Gender Equality Policy. We strive to ensure equal opportunities, rights, and benefits for all employees and clients, regardless of gender.

We are committed to:

  1. Fostering a work environment free from gender-based discrimination.
  2. Encouraging equal representation of all genders at all company levels.
  3. Providing equal opportunities for career development, training, and promotions.
  4. Ensuring gender equality in our services, tour offerings and customer service.
  5. Actively working towards reducing gender-based disparities in the tourism sector.

Strategic Action Plan: Gender Equality

Objective 1: Enhance Gender Equality in the Workforce


  1. Implement a gender-sensitive recruitment process to promote diversity.
  2. Develop and promote training programs on gender equality and non-discrimination.
  3. Review and revise existing company policies to ensure gender equality in career development and promotions.

Objective 2: Ensure Gender Equality in Service Provision


  1. Develop gender-responsive tour offerings and services.
  2. Train customer service representatives to handle inquiries in a gender-sensitive manner.
  3. Seek and respond to client feedback regarding our commitment to gender equality.

Objective 3: Promote Gender Equality in the Tourism Sector


  1. Collaborate with other tourism organizations to advocate for gender equality.
  2. Share our best practices and learnings on gender equality with the broader industry.
  3. Participate in local and international forums discussing gender issues in tourism.

Communication Plan: Gender Equality

Objective: Communicate our commitment to Gender Equality effectively to all stakeholders.


  1. Regularly update our website and social media channels with our initiatives towards achieving gender equality.
  2. Organize events and webinars to discuss our commitment to gender equality and share our progress.
  3. Encourage employees to share their experiences and suggestions to improve gender equality in our company.
  4. Incorporate information on our commitment to gender equality in our promotional materials.
  5. Regularly engage with our customers and partners about our gender equality initiatives.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. We adhere to a zero-knowledge principle, ensuring that no personal information is collected or stored. We don't use third-party services or analytics tools that could access your data, keeping your activities completely private and secure.