Policy: Decent Work and Economic Growth

At Wind Birds, we are dedicated to promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. We believe that a thriving economy and decent work for all are fundamental to sustainable development.

Our commitments include:

  1. Providing decent work conditions that respect worker’s rights, encourage professional development, and promote a safe and secure working environment.
  2. Contributing to sustainable economic growth by operating our business responsibly and innovatively.
  3. Striving to use our resources to create job opportunities and foster local economic growth.
  4. Engaging with partners and stakeholders to promote sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Strategic Action Plan: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Objective 1: Promote Decent Work Conditions


  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive human resource policy that ensures fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for workers’ rights.
  2. Provide regular training and development opportunities for our employees.
  3. Establish a system to regularly review and respond to feedback from our employees.

Objective 2: Contribute to Sustainable Economic Growth


  1. Implement sustainable business practices that minimize our environmental footprint and maximize economic value.
  2. Develop and promote tourism packages that support local economies.
  3. Collaborate with local communities and businesses to create synergies and mutual benefits.

Objective 3: Foster Local Economic Growth


  1. Prioritize local hiring and sourcing to support local economies.
  2. Partner with local businesses and organizations to develop joint initiatives that boost local economic growth.
  3. Invest in community projects that contribute to local development.

Communication Plan: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Objective: Effectively communicate our commitment to Decent Work and Economic Growth to all stakeholders.


  1. Regularly update our website and social media channels with our initiatives towards promoting decent work and economic growth.
  2. Organize events and webinars to discuss our commitment to decent work and share our progress.
  3. Incorporate information on our commitment to decent work and economic growth in our promotional materials.
  4. Regularly engage with our employees, customers, and partners about our initiatives in this area.

Privacy Policy

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